Festival Gates Open at 10am

Stage Starts at 12pm

President of 28th annual memphis juneteenth

official Welcome  by Telisa Franklin 

Acknowledgements from Elected officials and community leaders

Musical selections ekpe (African Drummer)
The Dreamer 
Jay Quan 
Edwin Sutton 
Frank Magee 
C Ashley Brown-Lawrence 
Sylvia Vines 
Kejuan Person 
Preacha Man 
Daimen Griffin 
Malik Johnson 
Sylvia Vines 
Robyn McGhee 
Marissa Hardaway 
Renee Lee 
Olivia Walker 
Marquez Curtis 
Dani McGhee Barlow 
Courtney Richardson 
Sierra Ward-Pope 
The Beard Sister 
Heaven Sent

God's Chosen 
Ken Osbourne 
The Wells Brothers 
Echoe Aires 
Clarence Smith & Nostalgic Visions 
Wendell Weathers & Greater Purpose 
Tony B. Dickerson 
Just Tina 
Pam Armour & The Shop 
Andrew Knox & NU Change 
Vincent Tharpe & Kenosis
national Recording artist Earnest Pugh